Windows 7 RIP on January 14, 2020

We all loved Windows 7, coming from Vista is was so much better.  Windows 8 came out and was horrible so we kept using Windows 7.  Windows 10 came out glitchy so we kept using Windows 7.  But finally its day has come just like with XP.  Most computers from the Windows 7 days are still worth keeping, they might need some memory or to make them really fast a SSD upgrade.  According to Microsoft you Windows 7 will still work after Jan 14, but you will no longer receive any security updates.

Good news we can still upgrade you to Windows 10 if you have a valid Windows 7 license starting at $79 in labor.  If its infected we do charge $20 more to clean before we upgrade.

So don’t be scared!  You most likely don’t need a new PC.  We will get it upgraded and running like new!